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Relient K release New album July 2nd

Finally, after such a long wait for all those die-hard fans out there, Relient K, has released a new album. Collapsible Lung is said to be a huge hit for all those punk rock fan bases. Whats even greater is that you can buy it now on amazon for only so cheap (its worth the bucks). 

They’ve been a forever-hit-wonder and they continue to amaze fans all over the world. With their latest album, Forget and Not slow down, which released On October 2nd, 2009, fans are truly blessed that they’re back. And absolutely, better than ever. The band strives to be the freshest band, and they’ll continue to be. 

I suggest you spend a couple buck, its worth your money and time. 


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Full Frontal

Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth from the famous band All Time Low, host their own live radio show. Yes, thats right, they go live every Mondays 7pm ET on Idobi Radio. Alex and Jack talk about all things Warped tour to single moms to Rian’s body and even their tour. Its all fun and games but there are definitely some serious stuff to catch up on if you don’t already know about All Time Low, and some cursing. (Parents of children who don’t allow cursing in the household, please advise). 

You can check them out on idobi radio (or just click the link at the bottom).

Full Frontal

Also check out ManO Radio on idobi.

ManO Radio

You Me At Six headliner tour w/ special guests

You Me At Six has officially announced their headliner tour this coming September in the U.S and Canada with 30 Seconds To Mars. The unstoppable ymas and their album Sinners Never Sleep has everyone swooning and going crazy over them. Sinners never sleeps is on everyone’s ipods, eve mine, and has everyone moshing out and singing along.  It’s a great hit from their previous album Hold Me Down that came out in 2010. Wow, what a hit they’ve become!

Love lust Faith + Dreams is an extremely compelling album that makes you want to get off your feet and start chasing them all over the place. Their overwhelmingly sexy, including their voices, and have such great talent. Combining these two bands together will make for an extraordinary tour.



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Bring me the horizon tours in Australia

Yet another headliner tour in Australia, this upcoming October, Sensational UK metalcore band, Bring Me The Horizon, is touring with post-hardcore heroes Of mice and men and Crossfaith.


Their new album Sempiternal is the latest installment for the band this year, which have had their up’s and downs. They shredded away their old tunes and came up with some brilliantly fantastic new tunes that made this album irresistible.  They’ve waiting a long while for their come back, and boy, their comeback is a major hit. From the release of their old album Suicide Season in September 30, 2008 to their new release, they’ve made an epic turn for the career’s as a band.


Of Mice & Men are as big as the get in the post-hardcore industry. Their new album The Flood has been out for already a whopping 12 months and is still a big hit. Fans are streaming their album worldwide, even Australia took a liking for these heroes. Not to fear though, Austine Carlile talked about new upcoming tunes on soundwave.


Crossfaith’s will be the opening act for this exhilarating tour who, in such a short time, have won Australia’s heart. And Fan base, of course.


Tickets will be on sale Friday, June 14th at 9am.




Soundwave interview:




October 5th, Saturday

The Marquee, Brisbane – Lic/AA


October 6th, Sunday

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – Lic/AA



October 9th, Wednesday

Festival Hall, Melbourne – Lic and Unlic areas

October 10th, Thursday

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide – Lic/AA


October 12th, Saturday

Challenge Stadium, Perth – Lic/AA

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